BLACKPINK released their debut album THE ALBUM Oct. 2020 and delivered a phenomenal virtual performance over livestream Saturday night. Photo from @sooyaa___ on Instagram  
Much is true in the famous proverb, BLACKPINK in your area. With over-the-top production, bedazzled wardrobes and intricate choreography, The Show brought BLACKPINK to everyones area Saturday night and proved that theyre one of the fiercest groups to look out for. 
Since their debut in 2016 with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK has captivated audiences everywhere, becoming a household name worldwide. Much is also true in their other famous proverb, BLACKPINK is the revolution, as theyve dominated the music industry, consistently breaking records and even taking over Netflix with their documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. These takeovers have culminated into the group holding their own international stage, The Show, a virtual concert in partnership with Youtube Music.
After one postponement of the highly anticipated concert due to coronavirus protocols in South Korea, BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé came strutting through the virtual stage as if to say theyre ready to take on 2021. Rocking intricate choreography in glittery gowns, they began The Show with their record-breaking hit, Kill This Love, followed by first performances of songs off their debut album, The Album. 
The set allowed BLINKs to get a feel for each members talents through solo performances beginning with Jisoo, the oldest of the group, who took us back with her eased-down cover of Tove Los 2014 hit, Habits (Stay High). 
Lisa, the groups main rapper, followed Jisoo with a snazzy cover of Doja Cats Say So, proving her versatility as a singer and a rapper with her own twist including her own verse and a dance break. Liyoncé, as her bandmates called her, did exactly what she had to do!
BLACKPINKs global domination doesnt stop within their own music. Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, featured the K-pop group on Sour Candy, a house track off of Chromatica. The group reunited after the two solo performances to vogue in bubblegum pink costumes singing, Im sour candy. So sweet, then I get a little angry, with moves so sharp they could be felt through the screen.
Jennie, BLACKPINKs rapper and vocalist, released her solo single SOLO in 2018 but proved it to be timeless when she performed it at the show three years later. Looking flawless in a red rose-shaped gown, Jennie raps, W no Ls. Covered W and ELLE and theres none left on the shelf, flaunting her magazine covers in a brand new verse on the song.
One of the most anticipated performances of the night was from Rosé, the groups lead vocalist, whose solo project was expected to debut on The Show. As an interlude, the stream premiered the first half of the music video for Gone, Rosés vulnerable breakup ballad and transitioned into her performing the song next to an empty swing set. While BLACKPINK as a collective is capable of hitting us with that DDU-DU DDU-DU, they also have the ability to provide us with more raw, non-dance tracks such as Rosés Gone.
A few minutes of vulnerability is enough for BLACKPINK however. Gone transitioned into each of the members in a red room showing their alluring side. They reunite on stage performing Pretty Savage, which they gave BLINKs a sneak peek of on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Much like the name BLACKPINK, the song intermingles Rosé and Jisoos vocals with Lisa and Jennies raps showing that they have two versatile sides to the group; theyre pretty and savage. 
It also wouldnt be a BLACKPINK concert if they didnt hit us with that DDU-DU DDU-DU. Becoming the most-viewed music video from K-Pop group, DDU-DU DDU-DU was a milestone in their global domination and remains a signature in their discography. The song was one of the most exhilarating performances of the night with a stage lit by fire and an energized dance break in a shallow pool of water. With an extra umph, the concert showed exactly why the song became an earworm for fans.
One things for sure, the group dedicates much of their effort to their passionate BLINKs worldwide. An interlude shows them reminiscing in their first sold out venue (now empty) thinking about their dreams and aspirations when they were part of the trainee system, a rigorous years-long process required to become a K-pop idol. Throughout the show, they emphasize the importance of their fans. Watching our concert, I hope you get the feeling that were all together, Rosé said. 
Riding the wave of nostalgia, they performed many of their older songs including their bold, debut hip-hop track from 2016, Whistle. A medley of jumpy and energetic songs in sparkly white outfits was enough to bring the fans back to simpler times, delivering their promise of giving BLINKs a one-of-a-kind BLACKPINK experience.
Hyping each other up and thanking the band for adding a one-of-a-kind umph to their music, the girls ended the show dedicating their last song, Forever Young, to their BLINKs on a stage decorated with emotional letters from their fans worldwide. BLACKPINK not only showed love to each other but gave the fans a heartwarming moment of unity.
The simplicity of its name, The Show, much like the name of their debut album, The Album, is meant to drive attention toward the girls wow-factor and create ambiguity after high anticipation for their projects (fans didnt receive an album till four years after their debut). While fans may not have known what to expect, BLACKPINK expects fans to trust their delivery. 
The members delivered more than just a show; they delivered The Show. They carried a unique BLACKPINK experience forming a connection not only as a collective group but through their individual solo abilities. A show shined by glittery outfits, fire and voguing brought an omnipresent BLACKPINK to your area, my area and everyones area and made fans feel closer than ever to Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo.

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