The 93rd Academy Awards won’t make face masks a requirement during its live ceremony on April 25.
According to Variety, the nominees, their guests, A-list presenters and other attendees won’t have to cover their famous faces as cameras roll during the telecast this weekend. However, when those in attendance are not on camera, they will be asked to wear their face masks at all times, such as during commercial breaks. 
Due to the theatrical nature of the live ceremony, masks won’t be required for those shown on camera as the award show will be filmed like a movie, an Academy rep explained during a Monday morning Zoom meeting with nominees and publicists.
Audience capacity will also be capped at 170 people with audience members being rotated in and out of the ceremony. 
A third of the Oscars production budget has been allotted to COVID-19 safety protocols, according to The New York Times.
During a virtual press conference held by show producers Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher and Steven Soderbergh, the trio said that the impact of COVID-19 will be highlighted throughout the show and masks will “play a very important role” in the story that the ceremony is trying to convey.
The show’s theme is ‘Stories Matter,’ and those invited will take part in interviews where they’ll share their own personal stories to connect each of them at the ceremony.
On the topic of dress code, the producers previously told attendees to avoid casual attire.

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