Actors Terence Cao and Shane Pow recently created a stir when they were charged in court for breaking social distancing rules and drink driving respectively.
But when it comes to local stars breaking the law, the most dramatic incident has to be when Christopher Lee was caught drink driving and in a hit-and-run accident. In 2006, he was jailed four weeks, fined $4,500, and banned from driving for three years.
The 49-year-old has no qualms talking about the dark experience, and he did exactly that in the latest episode of The Inner Circle. One of his closest friends, local actor Brandon Wong, also appeared as a special guest to talk about that period. The two have known each other since their days in Star Search 1995.
Brandon, also 49, told host Guo Liang: “We knew something had happened. We asked him about it, but Christopher is the sort who would only share his troubles when he’s ready to talk. If he isn’t, we would only add to his misery if we kept prodding him about it. So all we could do then was let him settle it on his own.”
He added he and some friends went to the prison on the day of Christopher’s release to receive him. They had several cars with them, and even planned how they could “hide” Christopher in one of the vehicles without the media knowing.
However, their plan was thwarted due to the large number of reporters and photographers that had gathered outside.
The episode edited in old news footage taken at that time, which showed Christopher walking out of the prison gates alone, and giving the reporters who had surrounded him a tight smile.
Recalling his thoughts at that moment, Christopher told Guo Liang: “I looked around but I didn’t see any of my friends. I remained calm, despite the reporters’ asking many questions. I didn’t want to make a statement there.
“Then I saw a taxi coming towards me from afar. It was available for hire and I flagged it down. Once I got into the cab, I told the driver who I was, and he replied, ‘I know who you are. It’s okay, I’ll drive you out.’
“I was very touched. He asked if anyone had come to pick me up. He told me to call my family and friends to ask where they are, and he would send me there to meet up with them.”
In the 15 years since that incident, Christopher has picked up the pieces of his life well. Apart from the many film and drama offers, he married local actress Fann Wong in 2009 and welcomed their son Zed in 2014. That same year, he also brought home the prestigious Best Lead Actor honour in Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards.
Late last year, he went to Taiwan to film the drama series Pursuers and also acted in the cinematic music video for Stefanie Sun’s song What Remains.
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