Britney Spears dad says she has dementia, a bombshell TV documentary reveals.In new BBC documentary The Battle for Britney, documents are shown explaining the purpose of the pop star’s “conservatorship” that puts her father, Jamie Spears, in charge of her finances, business and personal life.
The documentary claims in those forms, Mr Spears indicated his 39-year-old daughter had dementia to justify having control over her finances.
However, fans have disputed the claim, saying it couldn’t be possible for Spears to have dementia while releasing four albums, pulling off four ­energy-sapping global tours and performed 248 gigs in Las Vegas during the conservatorship.
“There is no way any dementia patient is going on world tours, doing Vegas residencies, is learning 27 back-to-back combo numbers, full choreography. No honey, that is not happening,” fan Hayley Herms, who is part of the Free Britney movement.
Journalist Mobeen Azhar, who investigated Britney’s controversial conservatorship in the documentary, said Mr Spears had ticked a box saying it related to “dementia placement or treatment”.
“There’s only two options with that,” Azhar said.
“Britney might have dementia. Now I’m not a doctor but if that’s the case, then the world isn’t aware of that. But the other option is actually more sinister.
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“That’s the idea that she doesn’t have dementia but the conservatorship team have suggested that she has because they want to push the conservatorship through. And if that’s the case, then that’s terrifying.”
Free Britney campaigner Megan Radford says the claim meant she could be placed in a probate conservatorship, rather than a mental health one, which nobody could earn money from.
She said Britney “clearly did not and does not have dementia”, and called her father’s case “fraudulent”.
Mr Spears declined to comment on the allegations made in the film. But he has previously insisted he is working in her best interests and is dedicated to “protecting her”.
The conservatorship was put in place following a tumultuous 2007 in which Britney divorced backing dancer Kevin Federline, 43, shaved her head, attacked a photographer’s car with an umbrella and entered rehab.
She also lost custody of sons Sean, now 15, and Jayden, 14, and was committed to a psychiatric hospital.
At the time it was insisted that the conservatorship was designed to protect her and stop people from taking advantage of her financially.
But the documentary claims the court-approved lawyer for the past 13 years, Sam Ingham, is being paid $12,900 per week by Britney’s estate.
For the past year, Britney has been fighting to have her father removed as the head of the conservatorship, in favour of an independent third party.
She will speak publicly about it in court on June 23.
This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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