As you may know, the Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi launched a new gaming phone earlier this week. Redmi wants to popularise gaming phones and the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is its way of doing so. So far, it’s proven to be rather successful.
According to ITHome, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing said that the biggest reason why gaming phones are niche is due to price. He talked about how an increasing number of smartphone users in China are younger people who love to play games. As such, it’s won’t be a surprise if gaming phones become more mainstream in the future.
The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is one of the models the company came up with to popularise gaming smartphones. With a starting price of 1999 yuan (~RM1264), it’s easily the cheapest gaming-centric phone by far and the specs are good too. The phone has proven to be a huge success in China, selling 100000 units in a minute.
Maybe we’ll see more Redmi gaming phones in the coming months, something for us to look forward to. For now, it’ll be great if we can test the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition for ourselves and see how it performs. Until then, stay tuned to for more news like this.

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