…CanuckLFC must be canutts based on his contribution that Brendan Rodgers should switch from Leicester to Spurs. One club actually wins things, the other just participates. We do have precedence of course, Moyes from Everton to Man U, Rodgers himself from Swansea to Liverpool. I could argue those were moves from a lower club to more prestigious, more accomplished clubs and so it made sense. My argument is, moving from Leicester to Spurs is at best a lateral move and probably a downgrade. Leicester have accomplished more in the last 5 years than Tottenham have since 1990. Apart from the amazing stadium, what else? It’s not a big spender club. They had a great manager who ensured they finished top 4 but the manager had a dodgy view on the importance of winning cups or championships. The game today probably represents a more likely scenario, Nuno Espirito Santo to Spurs. The man is working with 3 players and finishing mid table, I can only imagine what he would do with the Spurs squad.If I’m Brendan Rodgers, I’d be gunning for a top job, Man U will never happen, but Man City if Pep becomes tired of the apathy and decides to challenge himself. The Chelsea one is open every 2 years, the Liverpool one could open up soon as well . Barca, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern , Dortmund, PSG are also clubs that very quickly change managers. Why move from dream winners like Leicester to a team whose aim is participating? This then begs the question, what are Spurs really? Man City, Chelsea football domination. Man U clearly expect the same but are poorly managed, Arsenal go for it despite the financial losses. What do Tottenham do? It’s a tall task, but atleast Leicester have tried and summounted the mountains.Dave (At least try once in a while), Somewhere4th Place better than winning The FA Cup huh ?
Ask Leicester City.
Ask the fans ….
Ask Jamie Vardy ….Adam Halliday, Never seen us win it (Villa) , Saigon
Congratulations to Leicester, it’s nice to see someone other than a big 6 team have some success.
My gripe is with Chelsea, they didn’t really have any attempts on goal which required saving until after they fell behind from that wonder strike, and even after that it was only a couple of efforts which required super saves, other than that they offered no threat at all for the whole 90 minutes. For a team that is pushing for top four, is in the Champions League Final and who has spent huge amounts on players during the off season, they were a huge let down.Gary, Western Australia
Congratulations to Leicester City – another chapter in this club’s amazing era. Hopefully Brendan Rodgers and Jonny Evans, who have both been underestimated and overlooked (that’s your lot when you come from Northern Ireland, unfortunately) start getting the praise they deserve. Kasper Schmeichel put in a great performance (not quite Bert Trautmann!) but I don’t think Foxes fans will care. Jamie Vardy is having a party and he’s won more than Harry Kane. I didn’t realise that Wes Morgan was still at the club, so that’s a great way for him to go out, if he does end up leaving at the end of the season. Tielemans’s goal was one of the great FA Cup Final goals. Any defeat for a big six club is a victory for football. It’s good to see a club like Leicester winning the league and now the FA Cup, whilst so-called “bigger” clubs (Everton, Aston Villa, Spurs, Newcastle) haven’t won a bean in years/decades.Matthew
Is there any criteria in what makes the big 6? Is there any promotion/relegation from it? If not there should be & Leicester should be way ahead in it than Spurs.Marcel g, LFC.
Pogba’s problemIm writing in response to 365s Pogba article. The problem for utd is Pogba plays where Bruno plays. Utd had Pogba, where having a nightmare getting him on the pitch so they bought Bruno because he couldnt be trusted to play. Now Ollie has found some middle ground with Pogba but now has Bruno so shoehorns Pogba in where he can. Its a myth that Pogba is a holding midfielder, yes hes big and strong but hes not explosive. The big man can shift but it takes him a while to get up to speed and he doesnt have the agility to close down a triangle of players bouncing from player to player like say a kante. He never has had these attributes but that doesnt make him a bad player just played out of position. People can argue about playing holder for France and winning a World Cup. Ask yourself this, how painstakingly slow is international football? Pogba is in the prem where it is all about quick transitions when you win the ball back. With Pogba as holder hes always going to get found out. Hes just simply not that player. In slower leagues and international football yes but not the prem. Ole recognises this hence why we see him on the left due to Brunos occupation of the 10. I personally think Pogba talent wise is better than Bruno but Brunos performances means hes a locked in starter. In my humble opinion once they knew Bruno was legit (last summer) that was the time to sell Pogba and invest in a defensive midfielder. He would of fetched utd a decent fee. Now hes either going for free or at a watered down price and for what in the short term? A crack at the ropey league title? I think utd get to that final without pogba anyway. So unless ole finds a football manager type formation where he plays two 10s or drops Bruno, he isnt going to get the best out of Pogba.
F365 Says: Go all in on Pogba and a partner, or pack him off
Arsenal’s trajectoryA few days ago, Dreadlock commented on your “Three Arsenal Players have done enough – Redknapp” article with the following: “Arsenal fans are not shy about abusing and booing their players if things aren’t going well. That could be a tough environment for a young player to develop their potential.” This comment reminded me of a few incidents over the years in which Arsenal fans had jeered and booed their own players, like Xhaka, Mustafi and, long before them, Emmanuel Eboue.
As a point of conjecture, I wonder if that sort of ongoing negative treatment by the fans hasn’t contributed to Arsenal’s slow and steady decline over the past 25 years:
For each of the nine seasons from 96/97 until 04/05, Arsenal either won the league (three times) or were runners-up (six times*). That was top form.For the following 10 seasons – from 05/06 to 14/15 – Arsenal has come in either at third place (four times) or, rather infamously, at fourth place (six times); certainly a dip, but still qualifying for the Champions League every year.After (encouragingly?) finishing second to Leicester in 2015/16, Arsenal’s subsequent five seasons (16/17 until now) have seen them respectively finish fifth, sixth, fifth, eighth and, at the time of writing, ninth in the table with two games left to play. This is more of a slide down into- how do you say?- mid-table obscurity.[* Arsenal were tied on points with second place in 96/97, and were technically third on goal difference]
After years of being harangued by their fans for being a “fourth-place” hanger-on team, maybe the ongoing culture of abuse by Arsenal fans is at least partially to blame? Or is it the manager? Or- sod it- maybe they’re just complete and utter sh!te no matter what the fans do, or who’s appointed “head coach” this year.Ebrahim (still rather endearing how Arteta wants ’em to play like City), MUFC, Seattle
Spirit of the lawI had a bit of an odd introduction to football growing up – my dad was a referee. So he didn’t support one side or the other, but was vociferous in backing his fellow professionals. And there were two home truths: ‘the spirit of the law’ and ‘in the eyes of the referee’. The latter emphasising that decisions in football are not hard and fast but based on the interpretation of the professionals charged with refereeing the match.
On the former, rules are there to prevent certain actions and encourage other ones. They are enforced by a referee who is human and applies them as he or she sees fit. For example, we don’t want players in football using their hands to play the sport. So we introduce a rule forbidding it. The action we’re trying to avoid is deliberate use of a banned body part to take part in the game – so controlling it, blocking shots or – crazy of course – scoring a goal.
Similarly, in order to prevent teams leaving a player next to the goal and changing the whole shape of the sport, the offside rule was created.
In both of these cases, there is a very clear action trying to be avoided. And yet, through a combination of ineptitude and catastrophically missing the point, we arrive where we are today. Using high-FPS cameras and geometry to delay the gratification we all crave in the sport we love. To coaches able to focus media attention on a split-second deflection onto a certain limb, only really visible in slow motion.
We’re all missing the point, because the brilliant folk implementing VAR have forgotten that all rules in football are there for a reason, and the referee’s interpretation of these rules should be paramount. An offside shouldn’t be that close – that’s not why the rule is there. A handball shouldn’t be debatable if it spins off some other limb and the player had no way of knowing. That’s not why those actions are banned.
It’s hard but we need to trust referees to be able to determine if the spirit of the game is being broken in these actions. It’s art not science. And where we are today is ridiculous and a perversion of the spirit of the laws.Ryan, Bermuda
Dele’s doBig fan of Dele Alli finally bringing Henrik Larsson’s iconic dreadlocks out of retirement 2 decades after they were shorn.
Henrik cutting his off for a crew cut signalled beginning of an ascent from briefly great player in Scotland to Celtic GOAT and eventual Barca legend – hopefully Dele’s shift from crew cut to dreads leads to him finally fulfilling his talent.Calum, Scotland
Frank expectationsNot saying he’s useless or anything, but Frank Lampard has so far provided little evidence that he’s capable of successfully managing a Premier League squad (with “successfully” somewhat arbitrarily defined for the purposes of this argument as “finishing in the top half of the table”), let alone half a squad.Ebrahim (wondering what would happen if they’d toss the Crystal Palace car keys to Stevie G next year, just for a laugh…), MUFC, Seattle

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