From 11:59pm Friday, July 9, anyone leaving Greater Sydney for the ACT will be subject to mandatory quarantine orders. 
Key points:

  • The ACT will declare Greater Sydney as a COVID-19 affected area from 11:59pm
  • At the same time, the ACT’s mask mandate will lift
  • ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith says exemptions to enter the ACT will be harder to obtain as Sydney’s COVID-19 cluster continues to grow

The tightened COVID-19 restrictions apply to anyone who has been in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour.
Under quarantine restrictions, ACT residents returning from affected areas cannot leave their home unless in an emergency or to seek essential medical care during the 14 day period.
Anyone entering the ACT from the affected regions must apply for an exemption prior to their arrival and immediately enter quarantine.
However, ACT residents will automatically receive an exemption.
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Previously, anyone entering the ACT from Greater Sydney was subject to stay-at-home orders, which enabled them to leave the home for essential purposes such as visiting a doctor, or shopping for groceries.
The change in the orders comes after Greater Sydney recorded 44 cases on Friday morning.
Despite the increasing case numbers in Sydney, the ACT will lift its mask mandate at midnight on Friday.(ABC News: Nick Haggarty
The ACT government has also confirmed their decision to lift the mask mandate at midnight will go ahead, despite the rising case numbers in Sydney. 
ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said the high case numbers in Sydney were of concern, but she said that masks would no longer be necessary due to the reduced movement of people between the two cities.
“One of the things that we’re seeing is far fewer people travelling from Greater Sydney to the ACT,” she said.
“I would say to any non-ACT residents that it’s going to be harder to get that exemption than it has been over the past few weeks.” 
She also called on people in Sydney to start taking the virus more seriously as the spread continues. 
“What we see here in the ACT is Canberrans are incredibly compliant with public health orders, people really, really want to do the right thing, and that’s been fantastic. That’s stood us in really good stead throughout the pandemic,” she said. 
“But we really do need to see people in Greater Sydney taking this really seriously and it’s good to see the NSW government stepping up on that front.” 
ACT Health has also reminded Canberrans to continue to use the Check In CBR app. 
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