President Muhammadu Buharis administration and the Nigeria police have been asked to extradite suspended police officer, Abba Kyari to the US.
Abba Kyari was suspended by the police commission to allow a thorough investigation in the case involving him with Hushpuppi.
The United States Department of Justice had said an ongoing investigations showed that Hushpuppi allegedly bribed Kyari to arrest one Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, one of his accomplices in Nigeria.
Kyari had since denied the allegations, but admitted helping the fraudster purchase some native clothes in which Hushpuppi allegedly made payments.
Nigerians have taken to their social media page demanding that Abba Kyari be extradited to the US as his case will be abandoned and not probed in Nigeria.
Some described his suspension as lenient, calling on the police to dismiss Abba Kyari from the force.
Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:
@GbengaSolomon14 Suspension is not only the needed action but expediting after your internal review and let him go to US, visa-free to defend himself. Nothing more nothing less.Police are you Afraid he might mention others?At least redeem the image of the country!!
@NatashaAnyaorah Which suspension, why am I hearing suspension ? By now it should be sacked and detained . As if you people don’t know that he is corrupt. This government should stop being biased , no one fought for hushpuppi like this. Why is this governement fighting for a criminal?
@Emeka_King Extradition to US will be better.
@Oluajayii Suspension is a trick to carry judgement over in Nigeria, I am not freaked by whatever is coming from the operators of Buhari’s administration.
@Magii Police IG should hand over this Abba Kyari to FBI not only suspension because they can bury the case later, better for him to hand over the guy to FBI.
@C_Cdon He joins the list of suspended 97% that never gets prosecuted( Magu,Hadiza) this nepotism sha.
@Mbakarajunior Extradite the super fraud NOW.
@ExclusivekingFC For admitting to receive money from hushpuppy he should be stripped off his position and benefit from the police force. It is to change the narrative of our failed system.
@Bornoffire All these James Bond approach Ieper the more you look the less you see isnt going to work this time the @FBI are smarter. He need to go to the US and defend himself.
@Chrissolar Let him go to US everyone is desiring to go and clear himself up.
@Izzychinedum Waste of time. Theres nothing like internal probes, just extradite the guy.
@JamilMbai After calling me with all sort of names, abuses and hatred regarding my position on Abba Kyari, I am glad to hear of the suspension of the Criminal Abba Kyari.

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