The latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll asked: Do you think Judith Collins should be replaced as leader of the National Party before the next election?
A majority of 50.3 percent said yes and 29.5 percent said no.
But here’s where it really hurts. Out of National Party voters, 47.9 percent say yes, Collins should be replaced and just 35.6 percent say no. The fact that 19.5 percent of National voters don’t know isn’t a glowing endorsement either.
At her party’s conference this past weekend, Collins had her eyes firmly on the prize and said the next election “is easily winnable”.
But when it comes to endorsements for National leaders, not even some in Collins’ party believe she’s the leader to get them into Government next election.
Key isn’t convinced she’ll hold onto the job for the next election either. He says Collins is “working really hard” as the leader, but wouldn’t answer if he believes she’ll be rolled by the next election.
“Ultimately that’s in the hands of the caucus and the public,” he says.
“I think she’ll be a great prime minister if she gets that opportunity.”

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