The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday expressed confidence that the country will not face a “big problem” over the supply of oxygen tanks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Interviewed on ANC, FDA director general Eric Domingo pointed out that the manufacturers have not even used 50% of their manufacturing or supply capability yet.
“We’re confident that we’re not going to have a big problem with our oxygen supply,” he said.
Domingo added that the FDA actually issued 30 more licenses for manufacturing oxygen tanks just in the past month. The country now has 81 manufacturers of the medical item.
“In the past month, we’re very happy that there are several manufacturers that actually came forth and then started,” he said.
Aside from them, Domingo said at least 30 hospitals have licenses to produce oxygen tanks in their respective establishments for their own use.
The Department of Trade and Industry earlier also said there is enough supply of oxygen tanks.
Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez warned erring distributors, and hoarders of oxygen tanks, that the department would be running after them.
Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to probe into and file charges against suspected hoarders of oxygen tanks and other medical supplies.
The Philippine National Police also has its investigation into the possible hoarding of oxygen tanks and other medical supplies amid the continuing threat of COVID-19.
All these came after Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama on Tuesday urged the national government to ask the police and the DTI to look into the supposed hoarding of oxygen tanks. — Joviland Rita/RSJ, GMA News

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