India has been bowled out for a humiliating 36 runs, setting Australia just 90 to win the first Test on day three at Adelaide Oval. Follow our live blog.
Follow our live blog.
By Simon Smale
Australia vs India, day three, first Test
1mminute agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 7:05amBy Simon Smale
I’m guessing we’ll not be seeing Mohammed Shami, as Virat turns to his off spinner.
Burns goes after one, looking to hit down the ground but there’s an inside edge and no run.
Burns, more circumspect after that initial free shot, defends out a maiden.
3mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 7:03amBy Simon Smale
Just noticed Cummins with 4/21 off 10 was the least economical bowler. Captain should have a word with him.-Chris M
Yeah, I thought so too. Always room for improvement. 
8mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:59amBy Simon Smale
Australia requires 51 to win.
Now they require 47 to win – Yadav strays onto Wade’s pads and he clips it down to the fine leg boundary.
OH BOY! Flamboyance from Wade, a gorgeous off drive from one knee that flies to the boundary.
Yadav comes back with a ball that rises and follows Wade, striking his bottom, right hand flush. Yadav clearly didn’t appreciate being hit like that…
He’s tried to go at him again, but could not direct his bouncer effectively and Wade ducks away.
Another shorter ball has Wade leaping and fending at the ball that flies down past his hip but there’s no contact despite an optimistic cry from one of the fielders.
12mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:55amBy Simon Smale
8th over – Bumrah to Wade
A quick single, clever from Wade as he fends that ball aimed at his ribs into some space backwards of square on the leg side.
Now Burns gets a couple, a little edgy down wide of the slips to third man, where most of the runs have been scored out there over the past two and a bit days. 
SHOT! Another hook shot to square leg and that’s another four runs as Bumrah again goes short.
Why aren’t India attacking that off stump line that worked so well for Australia’s quicks? Perhaps we’ll never know.
A dot ends the over. No it doesn’t – it was a no ball.
Burns pushes into the covers and that’s another two runs to the opener – a bit of a misfield there from Yadav running in at point. 
13mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:53amBy Daniel Colasimone
17mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:49amBy Simon Smale
7th over – Umesh Yadav returns after tea
Not many other options for India from a pace perspective after Shami retired hurt with that blow to his bowling arm.
Wade fends away the first, then turns the next to leg but still no run.
Now he makes solid contact, Wade fending into the area backwards of square for a couple.
Oh, good ball from Umesh Yadav, that rises and catches Wade out a little – he quickly got his hand away from the bottom of the handle – but the ball popped up and flew safe down to third man for three runs instead of to a waiting fielder.
SHOT! Burns hooks to the square leg boundary as Yadav drops short. A good, positive shot there from the Queenslander.
24mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:42amBy Simon Smale
25mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:41amBy Simon Smale
Lowest Test scores of all time
Just to put Australia’s achievement into context, here’s some of the lowest Test scores of all time.
26 – New Zealand vs England, 1955
30 – South Africa vs England, 1896
30 – South Africa vs England, 1924
35 – South Africa vs England, 1899
36 – South Africa vs Australia, 1932
36 – Australia vs England, 1902
36 – India vs Australia, 2020
38 – Ireland vs England, 2019
42 – New Zealand vs Australia, 1946
42 – Australia vs England, 1888
42 – India vs England, 1974
The team batting is listed first.
35mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:31amBy Simon Smale
Five of the batsmen went straight to Paine.-Dave
Oh well done Sir. Well done.
36mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:30amBy Simon Smale
40mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:27amBy Simon Smale
Whats the reaction over in India?-Curious
They’re going through all seven stages of grief, based on what I’m seeing on social media…
Except denial… they skipped that one and went straight to pain…
44mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:22amBy Simon Smale
52mminutes agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:14amAudience comment by Glen Schaefer
Absolutely loving this blog on a day we all really needed this!
1hhour agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:06amBy Daniel Colasimone
Dan you got five wickets after all!-Lover of Test Cricket
I’m the Hazlewood to Simon’s Pat Cummins. 
1hhour agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:01amBy Daniel Colasimone
Joe Burns’s elbow is getting looked at again by the physio.
He grits his teeth and heads back to the crease to face Yadav. This will be the last over before Tea.
Short ball from Yadav, but it’s off target and flies over Burns’s head.
He blocks a quick one on off stump. That’ll test the elbow.
Another block. Runs are like hens’ teeth for Burns right now. He ducks another one.
That’ll be Tea!
1hhour agoSatSaturday19DecDecember2020 at 6:00amBy Daniel Colasimone
Fun fact: Starc is currently ranking higher (5th in the world) as an all rounder than as a bowler (6th).-longingforgifs
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