CNNs fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale has waded through thousands of Donald Trumps lies during the presidents four years in office.
And ahead of Trumps departure from the White House on Wednesday, Dale named the 15 most notable falsehoods of his presidency from the most dangerous and most alarming untruths to the most hucksterish and most entertaining lie schtick.
Trying to pick the most notable lies from Donald Trumps presidency is like trying to pick the most notable pieces of junk from the town dump, Dale wrote at the weekend. Theres just so much ugly garbage to sift through before you can make a decision.
Dale said Trumps most telling lie was that it didnt rain on his inauguration. It was the first lie of Trumps presidency and hinted at what would come next.
Trumps most dangerous lie was that the COVID-19 pandemic was under control; his most entertaining lie schtick involved him claiming burly men whod never cried before were reduced to tears in his presence; and his most alarming lie was about the so-called Sharpiegate saga, when Trump was in 2019 accused of tweaking a map to show Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.
Sharpiegate. Michigan Man of the Year. Deadly nonsense about the virus and the election. The smearing of Ilhan Omar. The burly crying men. Windmill cancer. Veterans Choice.
The most notable lies of the Trump presidency, and what they tell us about him:
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) January 16, 2021
The outgoing presidents most depressing lie, meanwhile, is his ongoing untruth that he actually won the 2020 election, said Dale.
To many of us, its ludicrous nonsense. But to millions of deluded Americans, its the truth. And it has now gotten people killed, the fact-checker wrote, referencing the deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump supporters who were egged on by the president. The House last week impeached Trump for incitement to insurrection over the violence.
The nations truth problem, clearly, isnt just a Trump problem, concluded Dale. With this last blizzard of deception and the Capitol insurrection it fomented, Trump has shown us, once more, just how detached from reality much of his political base has become or always was.
Read Dales full breakdown of Trumps most notable lies here.

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