On Thursday night, even as Jürgen Klopp sat forlornly in a deserted media room in Anfield talking on video conference about Liverpools nightmare against Burnley, Gary Neville, the former Manchester United defender and resident jester, popped up in the cyber sphere adding salt to the wounds. The Nev has over four million followers on a Twitter account on which he primarily delights in provoking and taunting the vast legions of Liverpool fans.
Its been a while since he had such cause to gloat. Liverpool had lost 1-0 to Burnley, their first home defeat in almost four years. Klopp, the Zen master of high performance completely lost his rag with Burnleys manager, Sean Dyche, who gave the German his ultimate doorman-you-wouldnt-mess-with glare in the tunnel at half-time.

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