Mark McGowan has a message for WA lovebirds when coronavirus restrictions end at midnight
Masks will no longer be mandatory in Perth and the Peel region from 12.01 am as WA reverts to pre-lockdown conditions just in time for Valentines Day.
Kiss away, come 12.01 tonight, The Premier said.
Kiss to your hearts content at 12.01 and youll be free to go without a mask.
Despite the relaxation of restriction in Perth, Mr McGowan said latest outbreak of coronavirus in Victoria would continue to be monitored.
We are confident we have the situation with Victoria well under control, Mr McGowan told journalists today
Eighty people who arrived on a flight from Melbourne prior to the 6pm hard border with Victoria being introduced were forced into 14-days quarantine.
Another four interstate visitors who had flown into Perth, were also returned home to their respective states.
Victorians have been forced into lockdown following more cases of the highly contagious UK strain, linked to the Holiday Inn cluster.
There were fears that the virus could have been spread to other States after travellers were potentially exposed to an infectious case at Melbourne Airport.
More than 3500 passengers passed through the airport between 4.45am and 1.15pm last Tuesday, as a woman linked to the Holiday Inn cluster who tested positive for the virus the following day had worked at the Brunetti café.
Mr McGowan made no excuses for WAs harsh stance on border control.
Yesterday, four people were refused entry into WA at the airport because they had recently travelled to Victoria, he said.
So those people were turned around arriving from other places and sent back from where they came from.
That was a harsh measure.
I understand that, for those people, but they are the rules we have put in place to keep people safe.

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