Victoria Police is appealing for public information about a mystery ute seen in the area where two people went missing in the Victorian High Country last year.

  • Police want to speak to the people in the ute to see if they have any new information
  • The make and model of the vehicle is not known
  • Russell Hill and Carol Clay disappeared after going camping in March 2020

Russell Hill and Carol Clay were camping in the remote Wonnangatta Valley in March before they disappeared. They have not been seen since.
They are among four people who remain missing, after disappearing within 12 months of each other, in the same area.
Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper of Victoria Police last year told the ABC that he considered the baffling disappearances of Mr Hill and Ms Clay to be suspicious.
“I find it more likely that there has been some involvement of a third party or third parties and something has happened to Russell and Carol and they have either been concealed in that areaor taken from that area,” he said.
Russell Hill was a keen camper who had spent much of his career as a logger in Victoria’s remote High Country.(Supplied
The pair was last heard from on the night of March 20 when Mr Hill made contact with friends who were part of an amateur radio club.
At 2:00pm the next day, other campers found their campsite burnt out, with Mr Hill’s car still there.
Police chemists could not identify the cause of the fire.
What happened to Russell Hill and Carol Clay?
It’s not unusual for people to get lost in Victoria’s High country but it’s strange for them to remain missing. That’s why the past year has left police and locals baffled.
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Mr Hill’s drone was not found in the wreckage.
A large police search of the region failed to find any trace of Mr Hill or Ms Clay.
Police are now appealing for information about a white dual cab ute that was seen in the area on March 20.
Police said after 12 months of work, they had identified all other vehicles in the area on that day.
The make and model of the white ute is not known.
Police said that there was nothing to indicate the white ute was linked to the disappearances, but they said those travelling in the area may have new information.
Mr Hill’s car was left behind at the campsite which had been burned the day after they were last heard from.(Supplied exclusively to ABC Gippsland
Police also want to speak to anyone who was in the Wonnangatta Valley, or travelling through the area, on March 20 last year, regardless of whether they saw or heard anything.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers.

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