• Queen Elizabeth has returned to royal duties just days after Prince Philip’s death on Friday, 9 April.
  • A sentiment echoed by both Prince William and Prince Harry was that the Duke of Edinburgh would have wanted things to carry on as ever, however.
  • On Tuesday, in an event to mark the retirement of her household’s most senior official, the queen returned to her duties.

Queen Elizabeth returned to royal duties on Tuesday, four days after the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in an event to mark the retirement of her household’s most senior official, PA Media reported.
The queen hosted a ceremony as the Earl Peel stepped down as Lord Chamberlain, the report added.
Philip, who had been at the queen’s side throughout her 69-year reign, died at Windsor Castle on Friday, aged 99. His funeral will be held on Saturday.
The Duke of Edinburgh, as he was officially known, married Elizabeth in 1947.
In recent years, the queen has reduced her official engagements and passed many royal duties and patronages to Prince Charles, his son William and other senior royals. But she still carries out the most symbolic royal duties, such as the opening of parliament.
The queen’s son, Prince Andrew, said on Sunday that the queen was stoic in the face of a loss she had described as “having left a huge void in her life”.
Despite the hole in her life left by Philip’s death, aides and royal experts have long said it would not lead to the queen, the world’s oldest and longest-reigning living monarch, relinquishing the throne in favour of her son and heir Prince Charles.

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