Samsung has already confirmed that it won’t be launching the Galaxy Note 21 this year. This is disappointing for Galaxy Note fans who look forward to a new model every year. The ongoing chip shortage has been cited as one of the reasons why there’s no Galaxy Note 21.
Perhaps that’s why the company brought S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also have support for the S Pen. Those who love Samsung’s stylus still have options, even if the Galaxy Note 21 is missing.
With the chip shortage not ending anytime soon and Samsung’s high-end lineup as crowded as it already is, should the company do things a bit differently next year? It could launch the Galaxy Note 22 instead of the Galaxy S22 and then alternate between the two every year.
This would require a significant change to the company’s strategy. The Galaxy S series gets three new models every year that target the entire flagship price spectrum. The Galaxy Note series only gets two. It’s also historically been launched in the second half of the year. The Galaxy S devices are often the first Android flagships in the new year.
There’s absolutely no indication of Samsung even thinking about such a change but do you, as a Galaxy Note fan, feel that this would be the best way to ensure the survival of the series? Vote below and share you thoughts with us in the comments.
Should Samsung replace the Galaxy S22 with the Galaxy Note 22 next year?

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