Filipino social media darlings Bretman Rock and Bella Poarch have both been successful in their fields.
Did you know that Bretman and Bella are related?
Bretman revealed Bella is his cousin.
In his vlog, Bretman said he and Bella met when they were kids.
“We’re actually cousins, you guys,” he said. We met all the way back in Pangasinan where shes from. Shes Ilocano as well.
In the same video, where they tried tie-dying, Bretman also asked about Bella’s journey to stardom.
He admitted feeling so amazed how his relative was able to carve her name in showbiz in just a year.
Bella first rose to fame as a TikTok star, where she has 73.5 million followers. She has also received 1.6 billion likes.
“I’m very proud of you! That’s so crazy! You have the, like, the number one most viewed TikTok in the world Belinda!,” Bretman told Bella.She admitted feeling surreal about it, too.
Last month, Bella released a track titled Build A B*tch that received 25 million views in one day.
“Did you ever think you’re going to be a TikTok famous, Belinda?” Bretman asked.
“No. Not really. But then again, I was manifesting it.”

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