Anytime you want to listen to your favorite tunes or catch up on a podcast or audiobook, you could use the best headphones to help you do that. When you want all the audio you can handle, and keep ears free of any potential discomfort, one of the best Prime Day headphone deals can you make more comfortable by paying less for this pair of AfterShokz headphones.Who says that every pair of headphones has to be for your ears? The AfterShokz Aeropex are bone conduction headphones that don’t play audio into your ears, but through your jawbone and skull instead. The vibrations from the headphones penetrate through the skin and make it possible to hear everything without anything touching your ears. For those who may have hearing impairments, issues with their ears, or simply want a way to hear background noise for safety reasons while running or cycling, these headphones are made for all those reasons.
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With ears wide open, fit and comfort have more to do with how these wrap around the back of your head. Sound spreads out across the entire pad to make everything sound more resonant. That also lets more of the improved bass response come through, which is always tough to achieve with unique headphones like these. Don’t expect audio fidelity on the level of good in-ear and over-ear headphones because it’s hard to match that kind of quality when you take the outer ears out of the equation, but there’s real functionality here.
AfterShokz “Audrey” voice assistant manages how quickly you can pair the Aeropex with your phone and that includes non-Android devices but you can also access your favorite voice assistant from your phone once you’ve finished pairing them together. Onboard buttons make it easy enough to do that, as well as play/pause, though they’re not the best design, so some functions might require a little more effort.
With all that going on, you can expect up to eight hours per charge, and they charge back up via USB-C, so won’t take long to get back up and running again. With IP67 water and sweat resistance, you can also rest easy wearing them while active, so for $104, it may be worth giving this Prime Day a closer look if you’re looking for something unique to listen to.
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