Daniel Andrews is back.He is asked about the sustainability of repeated lockdowns.”You only get one chance to go hard, fast, early and short. Do it for five days, five weeks, not five months. Victorians know this. We’ve had experience of both. The shorter one is much better,” Mr Andrews said.
“We have to get a critical mass of people through the Commonwealth’s vaccination program.
“The limiting factor is, do we have enough boxes of this stuff? Do we have the supply necessary? We will in September, in October, in November and then we will have to all work very hard to get not 75 per cent or 60 per cent, but I think a higher number  we have to try to get as many people as we can.
“I think if the federal government had extra supplies, they would be giving it to us. I don’t think this is a question of where are they allocated to, it’s “Have you got them?” The answer is, the Commonwealth don’t have them.”

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