A mum says her “petty” neighbour keeps trapping her car in – and she has no idea why.
The mum, a support worker from Hull who did not wish to be named, says she keeps being left unable to go out in the car.
She told Hull Live her neighbour is parking his car far too close to hers, leaving just an inch gap between the two vehicles.
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She said there is plenty of room on the street, but that every night at 6pm, the man arrives home and parks his car as close as possible to hers.
The pair, she says, have barely had a conversation, so she does not understand his motivation.
She has described his parking habits as “petty” and uncalled for.
She said it has left her unable to make journeys to and from her home, claiming her neighbour has left her trapped inside her home and unable to drive.
But in discussions with other neighbours on her street, the mum has said it appears that only she has had such problems with the man in question – her neighbours have not experienced any issues.
She has found scratches on the side of her vehicle and on Friday even discovered an unusual substance on her car.
She said: “I park my car at the back off my house in a car park. I parked my car up at 6pm in a good space, he comes home and puts his work van right at the side of mine with me unable to drive it out.
“I have a scratch along the side too. I am very angry.
“He had no motivations at all and we don’t really talk as I don’t know him – he seems to target my car only.”
She claims she has had to plan her journeys around when the neighbour’s car has been moved.
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